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Hello there!

I’m Jaya, mom, web developer, graphic designer, digital & social media marketer, and video creator.

I’m also a musician and Kennedy 24 volunteer on the leadership committee in Austin, TX. I’ve organized a couple of events for the campaign, a watch party for Bobby’s peace talk and a 4th of July Symphony and fireworks picnic in downtown Austin. (See pics)

I’ve been involved in the health freedom movement for many years, offering my extensive professional skills to a number of clients in the movement. 

Now is the time to heal the divide, and I’m 100% ALL IN! Since I found out Bobby was running, I’ve spent as much of my free time as possible offering my skills to the campaign. 

I’ve designed this site from scratch, curated and organized multiple YouTube playlists, created graphics for the campaign, created viral social media video clips about Kennedy, complete with text and trendy music. I’ve also done some talking head videos explaining RFK’s stance on certain issues. My social posts are done in ways that spread the information far and wide using my social media and digital marketing savvy. 

I was one of the very first to make a clip of RFK Jr.’s opening testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee. I swiftly got it up on Twitter and YouTube, then posted in a bunch of comments on major influencers’ posts. Within 24 hours it had almost 100k views and 300k impressions with many likes and retweets. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because I would love nothing more than to work for the campaign, or an associated Super PAC. I want to be able to free up all of my working time to be able to contribute. We need to get Bobby in the White House to fix things before the next pandemic, WW3, or some other totalitarian effort destroys the world for our future generations!

Are you ready for my dedication, passion and skills?

Jaya's skills for the campaign

Please see my Work samples and resume below

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Happy Father’s Day! What a legacy this man comes from and will create. As a father, and as a father of sorts to our country! #kennedy24 #happyfathersday #rfkjr #rfkjrforpresident2024 #rfk #kennedy #kennedyforpresident #jre #jreclip #jrepodcast #jreclips @teamkennedy2024

♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) - Instrumental - Lesfm & Olexy

Austin TX Kennedy 24 Pics

Let's Do This! Please reach out to me at jaya@creativeBizWiz.com


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